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Other Novels by Robert Jaxx

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ISBN 13: 978-0-692-97472-8

The affluent community of Chestnut Hills is rocked when two of its own are savagely beaten and raped, unleashing horrid memories of a similar, unsolved attack that lead to the victim's suicide years earlier.


When a routine traffic stop leads to the arrest of Sonny Marx, a wily conman with a lurid past and a trunk full of incrimminating evidence, contentious brothers, Andrew and Ethan Rivers, square off in court;  Andrew, the dogmatic prosecutor who will stop at absolutely nothing to win - Ethan, the unscrupulous criminal defense attorney who will use every trick in the book to do likewise.


But the real danger lurks outside the courtroom, and before the trial grinds to a close, a devastating secret is unlocked; a secret one brother will survive, and one will not.

SUNSET HOUSE, 8th annual Beverly Hills Book Awards Finalist for Suspense.

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