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Renowned psychiatrist, Harley Swan, has had enough - enough of the patients with one too many personalities - enough of the psychopaths, sociopaths, depressed, disjointed, and delusional - enough of the wife who can't stand the sight of him, the colleagues who don't understand or appreciate him, and the friends who come and go with all the frequency and warmth of a wayward breeze.  Enough!


So, Harley sets out on a journey, hoping to extricate himself from a life so absurdly rooted, and, in the process, rise above the bewilderment and mendacity of a cold and chaotic world.  But when the journey leads to a dead body here, and a dead body there, Harley finds himself on the run, trailed only by a long-buried secret, and the deranged cop who stumbles upon it.

SWAN - WINNER of the 8th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards for Best Fiction, and

FINALIST in the 2020 International Book Awards for Best General Fiction!!  

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               "Fascinating drama... this book is mesmerizing... a MUST READ, and a keeper!"

               Bettie Corbin Tucker, Bookreviewers

               "Well written, enjoyable... SWAN is a must read for a reader's group or a literature class."

               Paige Lovitt, Reader Views

               "Endearing... witty... a great read."

               Lighthouse Literary Reviews

               "SWAN is full of great characters... completely entertaining."

               TCM Reviews

               "Jaxx draws vibrant characters with a wide range of distinctive voices..."


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